Country Hen House Collectibles Store Opens in Downtown Grand Ledge

Janine Flitton has been dealing in antiques and collectibles for more than a decade in booths at antique malls. She eventually started itching to get her own space.

Now, she is the proud owner of the Country Hen House, an antiques, gifts and collectibles store at 106 W. River Street in downtown Grand Ledge, behind the Ledge Craft Lane gallery.

“It’s really nice to come into the store everyday and know that this place is my own,” says Flitton. “After a while, you get tired of paying someone else for booth space. I told myself that if I found the right place I would open my own store, so I did.”

If you visit the Country Hen House looking for certain collectibles and don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to ask Flitton. After her years of collecting, not all of her inventory is currently on display at the store.

“Whatever you’re looking for might be stored away somewhere, so don’t be shy, and ask if you don’t find it. And even if we don’t have it, we [likely] know where to find it,” adds Flitton.

Source: Janine Flitton, Country Hen House

Writer: Suban Nur Cooley
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