$1 Million Fund Provides Lansing-Area LEED Green Construction Training

The Capital Area Construction Council is launching a new workforce training initiative as part of a $1 million effort to keep the area’s construction workforce in top condition.

The new program offers Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building implementation training to construction-based employees.

The LEED certification training "is a very important part of the puzzle, but we’re ahead of the curve by asking how workers will be trained to build green,” says Brindley Byrd with the Capital Area Construction Council.

This training is different than other area LEED training. Rather than training companies or individuals on how to become LEED certified, this program trains foreman and supervisors on how to implement these building practices.

“Foreman and supervisors will have a better understanding of the specifications and requirements being handed down to them by architects,” he says.

The Council is working with Lansing Community College (LCC) to develop the “Green Advantage Training” course. Brindley anticipates that the first classes will be offered in the fall. He hopes to get hundreds of foremen and supervisors through the program.

“I am very much a strong supporter of green building, and I see that this Green Advantage will give our regional construction industry a competitive advantage over other regions that don’t have policies being put behind it on a local level,” Brindley says.

Source: Brindley Byrd, Capital Area Construction Council

Ivy Hughes, development news editor, can be reached here.

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