Margaret Ross Jewelry Design Studio Opens Downtown Mason Storefront Space

Margaret Ross has been successfully designing and selling jewelry locally and online for more than 20 years. Based on the success of her products, from unique personalized pieces to her patented “Multiple Pierced Earring” collection, Ross knew it was time to move her business to a physical retail location.

On Oct. 16, Ross celebrated the grand opening of her storefront, Margaret Ross Jewelry Design Studio, located inside of the Kean’s Store, at 428 S. Jefferson in downtown Mason.

The Kean's Store seemed like a perfect fit for Ross, who views Kean's as a destination spot for the Capital region.

"The whole ambiance of this studio is really great,” says Ross, who is excited to be up and running in her 500 square-foot space. “I’m working here and I’m selling here. A customer can come here and chat and we can work on a personalized piece.”

Since the storefront is also her workshop, Ross has personalized the space with heirlooms from her family, including her favorite chair from her grandmother's house, and other special family pieces.

"The french doors invite you in, but I want people to be 'wowed' by the space," adds Ross. "So when I hear the 'w' word, I know I've done something right," .

Source: Margaret Ross, Margaret Ross Jewelry Design Studio

Writer: Suban Nur Cooley
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