Studio Intrigue Celebrates Seventh Anniversary, Series of Successful Projects

The REO Town-based architecture firm, Studio Intrigue, celebrated its seventh anniversary on March 3. The firm started in Okemos but moved to REO Town in 2006. The current location of Studio Intrigue is a building they were already working on. "[We were] already renovating, so it made the most sense to move in," explains David Vanderklok of Studio Intrigue.

Beautifying Michigan's Capital City was part of Studio Intrigue's plan from day one, says Vanderklok. "Urban revitalization was our A1 priority. We had our sights set dead on Lansing."

The firm has been a big part of Lansing's facelift in recent years, including work on the original Troppo restaurant Downtown and the Technology Innovation Center in East Lansing. They were also part of the design team for the Stadium District.

Recently, Studio Intrigue helped make Enso a reality. "[Enso was] the most fun one we've done on a small scale," Vanderklok says of the 6,000 sq. ft. restaurant and nightclub.

On March 10, Studio Intrigue, along with A&G Partnership LLC, unveiled plans for a eight story high-rise in East Lansing.

But no matter how successful Studio Intrigue becomes, Vanderklok says they are not going anywhere. "We will always be here," he says. "This is always where our headquarters will be."

Studio Intrigue is located at 1114 South Washington Ave.

Source: David Vanderklok

Writer: Daniel J. Hogan
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