June Kicks Off ARTpath in Lansing

Between blue skies, blooming flowers, and birdsong, there isn't much that could make summer more beautiful than it already is. Oh wait! There is something - art. Adding creativity and ingenuity to a space makes good things even better, and Lansing's ARTpath is a perfect example.

Born of a seasonal partnership between the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center and the City of Lansing, ARTpath offers Lansing residents and visitors to the Capital area an opportunity to see public spaces beautified. From murals painted on bridge underpasses, to sculptures, photographs and even an interactive musical installation, there's a lot to enjoy.

As Katrina Daniels, the Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director at Lansing Art Gallery points out, this is the inaugural year of ARTpath, but there are big dreams for the future. "We're really hoping this could turn into something significant for Lansing as this continues to grow. Maybe a festival or major event of some kind that would bring communities in Lansing together, and draw outside visitors to the area."

The Lansing Art Gallery has always been dedicated to providing Michigan artists with a space to express themselves, and a venue where all people can dialogue, engage, and exchange ideas. So the variety of subjects and mediums in this temporary collection should come as no surprise.

One local artist, Gigi Morton, has placed a collection of portraits of veterans on display. The reason, she says, is because vets are so often forgotten, or pushed to the side in society, which is tragic, especially when you consider what they've sacrificed. This installation aims to make these brave men and women visible again in society, "as an homage to their service to our country."

Another local artist, Kate Cosgrove, is creating a vinyl version of a paper cutting picture in honor of her daughter who struggles with a sensory processing disorder. As Cosgrove explains it, "Every bug buzz, every bird flutter, every water splash causes her brain to react, either out of discomfort, fear, or just curiosity." By creating an art installation that features ordinary creatures typically found under bridges, which a neurotypical person may not even notice. The goal? That the bold white shapes will make these average critters suddenly much more noticeable to the rest of us.

If you haven't stumbled on a few of the pieces yet while roaming the river trail, head down to Old Town where the ARTpath starts, and enjoy a leisurely 3.5 mile stroll along the riverfront and through Downtown Lansing. Don't want to walk? No problem. You can bike, kayak or canoe along the river and view the 10 art installations that will be featured throughout the summer. Come on down and enjoy a beautiful summer day made even more amazing with art.

Source: Katrina Daniels, Exhibitions & Gallery Sales Director, Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center
Writer: Sarah Hillman, News Editor

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