EcoTrek brings unique outdoor training opportunities to Lansing

A new kind of fitness business is making its way to Lansing this month. EcoTrek is an outdoor fitness program that began in West Michigan and has now expanded into 13 locations. Brenda Rogers, who also teaches fitness courses for the Lansing Parks and Recreation is the new Lansing Area Series Leader.

“I got involved through a friend who teaches a series in Portland,” Rogers says. “She indicated to me that the owner was interested in starting a series in Lansing, and it goes along really well with my courses.”

EcoTrek’s unique model operates with an online schedule and a rotating assortment of outdoor locations. Participants may pay per class or purchase a series of classes at a discount. According to Rogers, the outdoor format of the class has more than just the obvious benefits.

“Getting people into another environment, getting them outdoors gets them into the fresh air. You can combine more cardiovascular along with the strength training. And in scheduling all of these sessions, I’ve learned that there are a lot more parks in the Greater Lansing area than I realized.”

Currently, Rogers is the only employee of EcoTrek’s Lansing series, though as the series grows in popularity and more sessions are added, she hopes to see the company hire more trainers locally.

The Lansing Area EcoTreck Series is a year-round fitness course. A full schedule can be found on the website, and payments may be made online or in person before the classes begin.

Source: Brenda Rogers, EcoTrek

Writer: Natalie Burg, News Editor 

Courtesy photo

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