Biophotonic Solutions of Okemos Taps Hot Global Laser Market

MSU Professor of Chemistry Marco Dantus moved to Michigan from Mexico 14 years ago, and now he’s heading up the development of laser technology that’s being used all over the world.

Dantus started his laser development company, Biophotonic Solutions, Inc., in 2003. Through Biophotonic, located in Okemos, he developed a method to allow very expensive lasers to be optimized by a computer. The lasers are used in biotechnology imaging, microscopy, analytical chemistry and photodynamic therapy.

“We’re creating the market, we are creating the needs and we are seeing that market grow,” Dantus says about developing the new technology.
Dantus says he’s created a market for the technology by developing the lasers. The technology is now being used in homeland security efforts, specifically to detect chemical and biological explosives.

As interest in the technology continues grows, so will Biophotonic Solutions, he says.

Source: Marco Dantus, Biophotonic Solutions

Ivy Hughes, development news editor, can be reached here.

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