$150,000 Grant Supports Refugee Development Center Partnership With Schools

The Refugee Development Center (RDC) has been awarded grants from the State of Michigan and Dart Foundation to assist English language learners in their efforts to succeed in our schools.

The RDC will be partnering with the Lansing School District to better meet the needs of Lansing’s multi-lingual students.

“We’ve been very encouraged by the efforts made by the Lansing School District to support newcomers and are excited to join forces with them in a new chapter,” says Shirin Kambin-Timms, executive director of the RDC.

This partnership will enable the RDC to work within the School District, offering after-school programming, parent nights and the creation of a parent advisory board.

“By focusing more on the family as a whole, we have the ability to maximize the success of our English language learners,” says Sergio Keck, director of specialized programs for the Lansing School District.

Kambin-Timms reminds us that it takes a community to welcome newcomers. “I hope this is the beginning of many partnerships across the region to welcome our new neighbors.”

Source: Shirin Kambin-Timms, Refugee Development Center

Writer:  Suban Nur Cooley
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