$2.8 Million Budgeted For Improvements to Cedar and Larch Streets in Lansing

If you've driven down Cedar or Larch streets lately and thought, "Hey, these roads need a little work," then your thoughts have been heard. The State is investing $2.8 million to fix these roads next year.

According to excerpts from the article:

Cedar and Larch streets, two of Lansing’s major north-south thoroughfares, will acquire the benefits of $2.8 million in state money next year.

The dollars will finance resurfacing, patching, drainage work and ramp upgrades for approximately five miles, from Grand River Avenue south to just north of Interstate 96.

Long term, the spring 2011 project appeals to local drivers and business owners. Short term, they have no yen for more orange barrels, detours and congestion.

Read the entire article here.
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