$2.83 Million Effort Officially Secures 120 Acres For Lake Lansing Park

Lake Lansing Park has officially acquired 120 acres of land that has been used as part of the park for many years, saving the land from being developed.

According to excerpts from the article:

The newly acquired 120 acres added to Lake Lansing Park-North's south side have been used by joggers, cross country skiers and trail enthusiasts for years but weren't officially part of the park.

Volunteers spent more than two years raising funds, writing grants and working through other paperwork to buy the land for $2.83 million so it could be protected for years to come.

The addition means the park has grown from 449 acres to 569 acres.

The new land is home to more than 500 species of plants and a mix of swamps, forest, wetlands and wet meadows, making it the most diverse environmental area in Meridian Township, according to Ingham County Parks officials.

Read the entire article here.
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