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Founded in 1998, Ann Arbor-based HealthMedia enjoyed an 62 percent growth in healthcare revenue in 2007, a 40 percent increase in staff levels, and numerous awards for wellness and disease management last year.

Health Media currently employees close to 140 people and expects to add 32 more in Ann Arbor over the next year. Positions include sales, development, marketing, client services, product development and product management. The company added 38 people in 2007. 

Last year also saw the company add powerhouse Kaiser Permanente, the nation's leading integrated health plan, to its impressive clientele. Other clients include: Aetna Behavioral Health, The Cleveland Clinic, Humana, and Mellon Bank.

HealthMedia developed a technology that effectively emulates a nurse counseling session, but has the scalability of web content. A global leader in online behavior intervention, the company delivers individually tailored self-management intervention for health and wellness, disease management and medication compliance.

HealthMedia got a PR bump when former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee began to tout the dollars he'd saved his state by using the HealthMedia system, but the company's success, Kenney says, is driven by its results.

The company and its programs have receieved several awards in the last few years. In 2006 they earned numerous awards, including Innovations in Healthcare Award from the Adaptive Business Leaders Association. This year they were named one of the "
Michigan 50 Companies To Watch."

Source: HealthMedia
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