Indoor gardening retailer opens on Jackson Rd.

A Michigan-based indoor gardening supplies retailer has opened its seventh location on Jackson Rd. With existing locations in Grand Rapids, Traverse City and the Detroit area, the Cultivation Station expanded into the gardening-friendly Ann Arbor area, bringing with it unique retail items, as well as a wealth of indoor gardening knowledge. 
"We're here to help anyone grow anything," says Cultivation Station Manager Ray Laurent. "My plan is to establish us as not only a resource for products, but also an educational resource. We're here to help."
The approximately 1,000 square foot storefront just west of I-94 opened in April. Laurent says local indoor gardeners will benefit from some of the items they carry that are unavailable elsewhere. He hopes the store will educate gardeners of all types about the number of options made available through indoor options, including hydroponics, aquaponics and organic gardening. 
"One of our main goals is to increase the awareness of the industry as a whole," says Laurent. "In Michigan our growing season is a little short. This is an option to extend your growing in a greenhouse or by setting up a few lights in your house. It's very exciting."

Source: Ray Laurent, Cultivation Station
Writer: Natalie Burg
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