The Eyrie to bring Michigan-made goods to Depot Town

After traveling the world for more than a decade as a flight attendant, Janette Rook knew just what kind of gifts she wanted to feature in her new Depot Town shop, The Eyrie, set to open April 25. 
"You don't see the regional differences or the unique local items like I remember more from when I was a kid, and from other countries," says Rook, who also worked as a union activist before deciding to open her own business. "I'd like to recreate that more vibrant experience as much as I can in our little corner of Michigan."
Rook decided the beautiful historic storefront in Ypsilanti's Depot Town was the perfect place to showcase a variety of goods from Michigan artisans including art, accessories, home décor items and potted plants.
"I'd love for this place to be one more reason folks come to Ypsilanti and see what I see," says Rook, "not only in Depot Town, but in downtown Ypsilanti. There is a feeling of new beginnings here that is interesting, exciting and hopeful."
Even the renovations put into the 750 square-foot shop were Michigan-made, as Rook painted, stained and fixed up the place herself. Rook will be staffing The Eyrie herself initially, but plans to add up to two new positions at the shop in the upcoming months. 

Source: Janette Rook, The Eyrie
Writer: Natalie Burg
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