Phone Home Repair finds a home on E. Liberty

Smartphone repair may have a reputation for being the territory of big box stores, but Kort Linden and Katrina Chizek are looking to change that image with Phone Home Repair on E. Liberty St. in downtown Ann Arbor. 
"We wanted a retail setting," says Linden, "and to offer more unusual products, and have access to the downtown foot traffic in this area."
Phone Home Repair isn't Linden's first venture in the industry. Prior to moving to Ann Arbor with his fiancé, Chizek owned three phone repair shops in California. When the pair decided to move closer to Chizek's family in Plymouth, he sold his West Coast locations to set up shop on Liberty. 
"There's not a lot of high-quality competition in this area," says Linden." So far, people have been really receptive."
The small, 700 sq. ft. shop opened March 26, and offers mobile device repair, customization and accessories. In addition to being independently owned, Linden says Phone Home Repair offers faster turnaround on repairs and lower prices on retail items. 
Chizek and Linden spent about a month renovating the space themselves. The store is also staffed by the couple. Linden says he hopes to eventually expand Phone Home Repair by opening locations in other Michigan cities.  

Source: Kort Linden, Phone Home Repair
Writer: Natalie Burg
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