You know what I love? That "Ark Of The Covenant" appears right under "The Ark, Ann Arbor" when you do a Google search.

It reminds my of a web game I used to play where you're supposed to pick two terms, put them in quotes and hit enter, hoping Google only returns a single site. One week I won with "nuns" and "knife fighting."

Anyway, let's kick off this week's update with soulful laments that two shows worth checking out are gone, baby, gone... as in: Sold Out.

The first is for those who wrere hoping to mellow the harshness of the week with the sleepy croonings of Margot Timmons and The Cowboy Junkies, a band that has managed to turn a sultry cover of Lou Reed into a surprisingly long lasting (and satisfying) career.

The other, more tragic sell out, is the two-night gig of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, who personify the American stringband revival. Man, this is soulful olde tyme blues music at its finest. Don't believe me? Check out their myspace page and get yourself an earful of roots goodness. Go ahead, I'll wait...

...Bumming that you didn't get a ticket now, aren't you? Me too. Still, it troubles me that this superlative young African American band's sole Metro Detroit appearance is in whiter-than-white Ann Arbor.

As for MC Chris,, I have no such reservations. This is the unapologetic music of pastey, WOW-playing cellar dwellers and clone trooper wannabes. And I'm not saying that this demographic is exclusively white, just 98% or so.

The logo above kinda says it all. So, do the myspace pix of MC Chris dressed as Boba Fett at the Playboy Mansion Halloween Party. He's a living version of Revenge Of The Nerds.

Hailed as the Godfather of Nerdcore (which doesn't have quite the ring that the 'Godfather Of Soul' has), MC Chris raps about all things geeky and nerdy in a rapid fire high-pitched delivery that'll either impress the bejeebers out of you, or send you running for the volume knob. Still, anyone who can pull off a tune like "Nerdy Grrrl" has my admiration. Plus dig the use of  "More Than A Feeling" (among other surprising samples) on "Lowercase."

The show is Tuesday at The Blind PIg. And be sure to check out All-African American rockers Whole Wheat Bread, who are well worth an early arrival to catch their act.

As always, consume your entertainment locally. And for the rest of this week's recommendations, check out FilterD.

-Jeff Meyers, Editor

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