50 years, 50 stories: George M. Hull Memorial Fund

Supporting Health Care in Ypsilanti

A local news reporter once described Dr. George Hull as "a sympathetic physician, a big-hearted friend, and a true philanthropist." Dr. Hull was born in Salem Township, attended Ann Arbor High School, and completed his medical training at the University of Michigan, where he also played football for the Wolverines. As a long-time physician in Ypsilanti, he believed that quality health care should be available to all residents. 

In 1926, a group of community members and friends raised $50,000, an impressive sum back then, to establish the George M. Hull Memorial Foundation to honor the beloved local physician and his values. All funds were earmarked for "the health needs" of Ypsilanti residents who could not otherwise afford professional care. In 2006, to ensure that the organization’s health-oriented mission could be sustained over the long-term, the Foundation’s Board of Directors transferred its assets to the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund – an affiliate fund of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation. 

Since 2006, the George M. Hull Memorial Fund has provided continuous grant support to four Ypsilanti health and human service agencies: the Corner Health Center, the Gilbert Residence, Hope Medical Clinic, and the University of Michigan Ypsilanti Health Center. As part of the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund, Dr. Hull’s fund will continue to grow and do good. Forever.

One of the many ways the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation supports all that is good in our community.

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