Ypsilanti Welcomes Its Robot Masters

Cre Fuller just might be Michigan's greatest robot artist. Of course, not knowing how vast and wide the field of robot artists in Michigan is, we're at least sure he's Ypsilanti's greatest robot artist.

Chances are you've seen his work - you probably just don't realize it. His robot sculptures --made of cast off percolators, food processors, lamps and odd thrift store scrap-- seem so perfectly organic you might think that someone found some glorious old relic from 50's or 60's television and decided to put it on display.

But after encountering Cre's work all over the Ypsi/Arbor area - Beezy's, Zingerman's Coffee Bar, The Ugly Mug and Woodruff's - it slowly dawns on you that there must be someone behind this invasion of mechanical men with their glowing eyes.

Each one of Cre's robot sculptures is staggeringly unique and full of character. And given our region's reputation for invention and innovation, they're like de facto mascots for our high-tech creativity.

Hanging out with Cre at his robot laboratory in SPUR Studios in Ypsilanti he comes across as a Bob Ross of robot sculpture. He quickly and intuitively grabs cast off thrift store parts. With deceptive speed and minimal manipulation he puts them together to assemble a simultaneously menacing and charming robot before your very eyes. All while dressed in some fine (and frequently polyester) threads from the same thrift stores that yielded all his robot parts.

Aside from his mechanized creations, Cre is also a DIYpsi cofounder, head produce monger at Whole Foods on Washtenaw, and Ypsi booster extraordinaire.

For more information on his awesome creations visit: http://www.tinangrymen.com/
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