Local journalism is in crisis. Concentrate needs your help.

Dear Washtenaw County neighbors,

Now is the time for more local journalism, not less.

We need your help to continue our critically important work. Today we've launched a crowdfunding campaign to help Concentrate weather the storm of COVID-19, and we're asking you to click here to contribute now if you're able. Here's why.

Concentrate and its On the Ground Ypsilanti program have reported on the ways COVID-19 has laid bare the vulnerability of many Washtenaw County communities – communities of color, service industry workers, seniors, and others. We've covered the way small business owners and entrepreneurs are responding to the crisis and finding innovative ways to survive and support their communities. 

However, journalism is facing a devastating, industry-wide decline in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Concentrate and On the Ground Ypsilanti are not exempt from this shift. Our parent company has had to make painful budget and staffing cuts in recent months as a result.

Our content has always been free and that's not going to change. What’s at risk are the number of stories we can deliver each week and the number of local journalists we can keep in the field. So for the first time, we’re asking for your individual support.

We’re confident we’ll recover by late summer, but only if you can help us weather this short-term storm. If you’re able, I’m personally asking you to please support Concentrate and keep our local reporting strong in these challenging times. All donations will stay in Washtenaw County.

To learn more and contribute, please click here.

Thank you!

Patrick Dunn, Concentrate managing editor
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