The Picture Of The Day

The Water Hill Music Fest already seems like an Ann Arbor institution after just it's second year. With music spanning generations and genres the festival invited people to walk the hilly west side neighborhood and take in Tree Town's ever fertile music scene with porches, lawns and decks serving as stages.

Strolling around you could catch veterans of the scene (The Chenille Sisters, Dick Siegel, Ron Brooks (pictured) and George Bedard) as well as (relative) newcomers Charlie Slick, The Appleseed Collective and Brennan Andes of The Macpodz. The music was a perfect reflection of the depth and variety of the Ann Arbor music scene - in a couple block radius you could catch ragtime, bluegrass, rockabilly, electronic, jazz, rock, country and classical music. So it would only be fitting that 30 year old Ann Arbor hardcore band The State was one of the bands to bring the festivities to a close. 

Makes you wonder why there aren't more music venues in town.