Love Ypsi? Let The World Know

Concentrate, along with EMYou The Magazine, The Ypsilanti Citizen and the Ypsilanti Convention and Visitors Bureau, wants you to show your love for Ypsi --complicated or otherwise-- by entering the I Love Ypsi Video Contest.

The instructions are simple:

1.  Create a 30 second - 2 minute YouTube video that explains, demonstrates or --through metaphorical cinematic imagery-- translates your love for Ypsilanti.

The topics include:

Love at First Sight

Ypsi had you from hello. Show and tell us how you fell in love…or how Ypsi wooed you. Maybe it was the city's impressive water tower. Maybe it was karaoke night at Elbow Room. Maybe it was the deep fried pickles at Sidetrack. Whatever sparked your love, we want to hear about it.

Opposites Attract

It's the classic romantic comedy storyline... You never thought it’d be Ypsi. In fact, there was a lot about Ypsi that seemed so ...well... wrong for you. But as you got to know each other more, you found out that Ypsi completes you. Tell us how Harry Met Ypsi.

Love to Hate you. Hate to Love you.

There's a thin line between love and hate, and livin' in Ypsi isn’t always easy. It has challenges, but you know its potential, you see it all the time. It drives you crazy. If only Ypsi could be the community you know it was meant to be. Tell us about your love/hate relationship. We understand.

2.   Enter your video by October, 19 2009 on the ILoveYpsi YouTube Channel. Scroll down and click Video Response and upload your videos right to the page.

Contestants can enter one video in each of the three categories listed above (add as many videos as you’d like).

3.  Voting for videos will begin 9AM on October, 20 2009  and close  9AM on October, 27 2009. Winners will be announced on October 28th in Concentrate, EMYou The Magazine and the Ypsi Citizen.

Along with fabulous prizes from local businesses, Concentrate will award cash prizes to the top three videos.

First Place: $150 
Second Place: $100
Third Place: $50

Break a leg!

Click here for a link to EMYou's YouTube Channel and see the first video they’ve uploaded that falls under the "Love to Hate you: Hate to Love you Category".

The I Love Ypsi Video Contest is part of the City Wide Open House event that will take place on October, 31st.  For more info visit the Ypsi Open House Website

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