Intermitten conference to highlight inclusion and social impact among Midwest entrepreneurs

Inclusion and social impact in the entrepreneurial world will be the focus of Intermitten’s fourth annual conference, happening June 4 at The Ark, 316 S. Main St. in Ann Arbor.


The conference aims to foster and highlight innovation in the Midwest entrepreneurial community. Intermitten co-founder Heidi Craun says the conference’s theme each year is based on attendee feedback from the previous year. She says the emerging nature of the Midwest's entrepreneurial ecosystem means that it has the "opportunity to do better than the ecosystems that have gone before" by promoting equitability.


"Studies continually show that the most diverse companies make the best business decisions and thereby outperform their peers," Craun says via email. "Intermitten will be an exploration of how we can drive business success by creating inclusive environments that empower diverse people."


This year's session topics include "Making Venture Capital – and Success – Accessible for All," "Becoming a Bridge: Embodying an Ethics of Justice for Social Transformation," and "Accessibility, Intersectional Identities, and the Workplace."


Intermitten is also responsive to recent events in the local entrepreneurial community.


"This year we have a talk about merging company culture after an acquisition, and preparing for that within the context of building a startup that you are hoping to have acquired someday," Craun says. "... We thought it was an important talk to have this year, because Duo Security was acquired last year."


She adds that the event will bring together like-minded people, including national and local speakers who understand that Michigan and the Midwest are worth coming to for entrepreneurial leadership and talent. Craun says the event is intended to send attendees out with actionable takeaways.


"The goal is to have people walk away super-excited to do big things, whatever that means to them – (to) live a life of purpose, try to find a way to leave a legacy, and do work that matters to them and that matters to others as well," she says.


Conference tickets are $100 and can be purchased here. Tickets include meals and a professional headshot.


Jaishree Drepaul-Bruder is a freelance writer and editor currently in based in Ann Arbor. She can be reached at

Photos courtesy of Katie Alexis Photography.
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