Ann Arbor couple create climate-neutral activewear company

Pairing a vision of creating a triple-bottom-line business with a love for outdoor activity, Ann Arbor couple John Ames Jr. and Nicha Sangiampornpanit have launched a climate-neutral clothing company, JOOB Activewear.


"Our clothing is for people who like their outdoors clothes with a bit of style and fit and who care about the planet and value protecting it," Ames says.


JOOB launched last month. Some of the company’s initial offerings will include caps, T-shirts made from recycled PET bottles, a day pack, and wicking stretch shorts and pants.


While not all JOOB items will be created from completely sustainable materials, the company will aim for a 100% sustainable product footprint. The goal is to have a quantifiable neutral impact on carbon emissions.


"In addition to seeking innovative sustainable textiles, we look for ways to reduce our unavoidable emissions," Ames says. "We’ve invested in solar panels in our small warehouse space so that we can derive about 98% of our power by the sun. And we’re working on reducing any air shipments across our supply chain."


JOOB also contributes a small portion of its yearly revenues to environmentally friendly organizations. 1% goes to the Huron River Watershed Council, while Swiss-based consultancy South Pole receives 2% to invest in carbon-reducing projects around the world.


Ames and Sangiampornpanit honed in on an international perspective while discussing their call to action and creating JOOB's motto, "Be Everywhere."


"The world has some amazing places that need protecting. People will want to protect them once they see them in person," Ames says. “Our idea is to prompt people to get out there and see as many places as they can and be everywhere.”


The concept is also embedded in the company’s name.


"My wife’s nickname in Thai is Jub, which means kiss, so we Americanized the spelling to JOOB," Ames says. "Kiss life, kiss the planet, be out there."


Jaishree Drepaul-Bruder is a freelance writer and editor currently based in Ann Arbor. She can be reached at


Photos courtesy of JOOB.

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