Forbes puts Ann Arbor's Rich Sheridan in the spotlight

Imagine: treat your workers like real, valuable human beings and seek to inspire them and your business will not only succeed, you'll be heralded as a workplace genius.

Question #4 is probably the best of the lot.


"One yellow sign in his office reads, “Caution: Babies and Dog Crossing.” That’s because Menlo allows workers to bring their dogs and newborns to the office. Dogs are allowed because, “Quite frankly, we think it adds to the joy,” Sheridan says. “There’s something about those 4-legged, furry creates that brings out a smile in everybody.” Babies are allowed because 7 years ago, one worker named Traci didn’t have day care options or family nearby to help watch her daughter after the typical 3-month maternity leave. Sheridan told her, “Just bring her in to work.” So Traci brought Maggie in to the office all day, every day for four months. “It was such a wonderful experience,” Sheridan says. So eight other babies have joined the firm in the last 7 years and the office awaits two new babies right now, who will be joining “Menlo dads” in the office soon."

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