U-M professor's graphic novel to debut as film at Sundance

U-M School of Art and Design professor Phoebe Gloeckner made a splash in 2002 with her lauded graphic novel, The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Now she's poised to find an even bigger audience as the film adaptation, starring Kristen Wiig and Alexander Skarsgard, is set to debut at next week's Sundance Film Festival


" Over the years, I've been approached by three different directors about turning the book into a film but I was never comfortable with the vision that they presented. Maybe it was because I had my own vision for a film version. Then, Marielle Heller approached me about creating a play. I thought that was so insane and couldn't imagine it whatsoever, so I said yes. Over the last eight years, as she was researching and writing, we developed a strong relationship and I grew to trust her. So when she approached me about turning the play into a film, I said yes."

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