Ann Arbor sixth grader stars in Ukraine's top film choice

It's not every day that an eleven year old Ann Arbor kid gets a leading role in a feature film. Rarer still is the kid who gets cast in an Ukrainian film. But it must be winning the lottery kind of numbers to end up in a foreign film that's been submitted for consideration for the 2015 Oscar for Best Foreign Language flick. Local sixth grader Anton Sviatoslav Greene hit all three.


"Anton's chance to star in a foreign film came about quite unexpectedly. But his determination to succeed at acting didn't surprise his parents, Arthur Greene, a University of Michigan music professor with Ukrainian heritage, and Solomia Soroka, a Goshen College music professor and native of Ukraine.

Soroka found out about the casting call through an e-mail from a friend in Toronto. Not really expecting anything to come of it, the family sent a video made with an iPad of Anton reading poems and playing the piano."

The movie already played at the Michigan Theater but we still think it's awfully cool.

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