Ann Arbor invention one to watch at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show

Think Google Glass is tearing at the fabric of society wait til you get ahold of The Glyph, which is being developed by Michigan startup Avegant Corp. If they figure out a way to integrate it with XBox and Playstation all kids need is an IV drip and a chamber pot and they need never leave the couch again.
"“It’s screen-less technology,” he told MarketWatch in a private demo. “The image is projected directly to your retina. We are able to mimic your natural vision.”
The device is geared toward common everyday mobile uses, from watching videos, browsing the Web to holding videoconferences. It is meant to work with a range of devices from laptops to iPhones to tablets.
Unlike Google Glass, which is based on glance-able technology aimed at providing information to the user quickly or for short-term viewing, the Glyph is for longer-term, more engaged media consumption."
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