The Ann Arbor Film Fest

After 46 years it comes to this: a guest appearance by Larry Flynt, an ACLU law suit and woodland animals getting creamed by roller derby girls. Still, the Ann Arbor Film Festival has never taken its eye off the ball.

Newly minted director Christen McArdle's got big plans for revitalizing the festival and has programmed films that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

This year's highlights include many many short subject films, a documentary about and guest appearance by Larry Flynt, an afternoon of kid-friendly flicks, and a documentary and visit by Ellen Kuras, cinematographer for Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Blow and Be Kind Rewind.

Mark our words, this year marks a new era for the festival Variety called "One of our 10 favorites in the world."

Click on our YouTube video below to hear (and see) all about it. And be sure to check out other work by its producer, Ascalon Films.

Seattle tunesmiths Harvey Danger provide the music. The song is "Wine, Women And Song" from their latest album, Little By Little.

Not only are Harvey Danger's songs boffo, they are true innovators, embracing the web in ways few bands would dare. Download tracks from the most excellent Little By Little for free! If you like what you hear, contribute to their efforts. Remember: Musicians need to eat too!