The Ark

Four hundred seats and all but a dozen are great. The Ark is one of those mythological music venues that actually earns it world class rep. Yeah, the crowd tends to spell their news NPR and BBC, and the approach is more concert hall than music club, but this soulful and intimate listening room boasts pristine sound and 300 days a year of quality music. For nearly 40 years the nonprofit Ark has hosted A-list atl-folk, roots rock, solo acoustic, country and jazz. Its walls are lined with black and white photos of vaguely familiar guys and gals with guitars, hats, fiddles and accordians to attest to its fame. From Lyle Lovett to Joe Henry to The Asylum Street Spankers to John Prine, it's the kind of place where musicians banter and audiences knowingly chuckle. Check out Take-A-Chance-Tuesday, where entertainment can be had for the price of a non-perishable donation (for Food Gatherers).

Click the YouTube video for a upfront seat.