SELMA Breakfast Salon

It's starts at 6:30 AM Friday morning and four hours later it's gone. Ann Arbor's Selma Cafe (recently dubbed a "Breakfast Salon") is like a weekly version of Brigadoon. Only instead of music and dancing there are pancakes and quiche.

Staffed by volunteers, guest chefs make breakfast for locals with locally grown ingredients. The food is delicious, the donations go to support local growers and the friendly atmosphere simply can't be beat.

The Selma Breakfast Salon is exactly the kind of place Concentrate loves to write about (or, in this case, film), building a local sense of place that is both innovative and unique. But Selma is more than just tasty omelets with locals, it's part of a neighborhood effort to build a stronger more interactive community, offering a food share and tool share program, as well as publishing the Selma Courier, a paper written by local kids.

Check out Selma's site. Or better yet, click on the YouTube video below to learn more. Who knows, maybe you'll start a breakfast salon in your own neighborhood.