Feature Story M-25 List
Longform Family Medical Center Behavioral Health Therapist Alexis Cavins and School Based Services Supervisor Meredith Gilliam at Wagar Middle School in Carleton.
Development News Every Wednesday and Thursday, patrons can come into the building, pick up their holds, and browse a small section of materials that have been brought into the lobby.
Feature Story Bay City Fireworks List
Feature Story Wenonah Park list image
Feature Story Chamber logo list
Feature Story Art lessons serve as a framework to teach trainees life skills like focus, communication, and confidence.
Feature Story LGBTQIA+ survivors are welcome at Shelterhouse. Past experiences with bullying, lack of support from helping professionals, or trauma can make it especially difficult for LGBTQIA+ survivors to reach out for help.

Catalyst Community: Shelterhouse’s Intersections

Feature Story Women of Color Give members Kim Koeman, Rebekah Bakker and Robyn Afrik.
Longform Blazin' Burgerz co-owners Farook Issa and Khaled Naser.
Innovation News A still from "Covid Mouth," a film that will be presented at this year's IFFY drive-in.
Feature Story Justin Caserta of the Boys and Girls Club of the Greater Holland Area was named one of seven Maytag Dependable Leaders for 2021.
Feature Story Rachel Gray is the executive director of Hello West Michigan.
Feature Story Jenny VanVeen, owner of Frances Jaye in downtown Holland, poses in front of her store.
Feature Story Ottawa Conservation District Watershed Technician Benjamin Jordan conducts a spring tillage survey in Ottawa County.
Feature Story New CFHZ Board Trustees: Erin Zylman, Scott Brooks and Lydia Steeby.
Feature Story Missy Mayer talks about the watershed with her fourth grade students.
Feature Story Dubbed Robinson Landing, the neighborhood is going up just north of the Grand Haven Memorial Airport.
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