RecycleMania takes over CMU campus

RecycleMania is sweeping through the campus of Central Michigan University.

The international competition pits colleges and universities against each other--and even different departments within the same institution--for the same purpose: To improve recycling numbers across college campuses.

The annual contest occurs over the course of February and March each year, measuring the competitors in three different categories.

There is the Diversion category, which, according to RecyleMania, measures the "percentage of the total weight of recyclables and food organics diverted from total waste generated."

Central Michigan University reports a 35.6 percent diversion rate during the first week of competition. CMU's director of facilities operations Jay Kahn is reported as saying that the statewide diversion rate is only 15 percent.

The second contest category is the Stephen K Gaski Per Capita Classic, which awards the school showing the biggest two-year improvement in the amount of paper, cardboard, and bottles and cans collected on a per person basis.

CMU’s goal is 10 pounds of recycling per person for the month of March. It collected 8.99 pounds per person over the course of RecycleMania 2018.

The third category is Food Organics. Schools are awarded a point for each food waste minimization activity implemented. These include compostable service ware, reusable to-go containers, trayless dining, and more.

Schools then submit weekly weights in food donated to people, fed to animals, used as biofuels, and composted.

RecycleMania is not just for CMU students, but faculty and staff alike.

Call (989) 774-6547 for facilities management to deliver a 65-gallon recycling container on campus.

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