New child mental health practice opens in Mt. Pleasant

Childhood struggles and changing family dynamics bring challenges that are difficult to face alone. These challenges can seem overwhelming, and too many burdens to bear can have negative effects on mental health. Thankfully, professional intervention is a proven method to provide solutions and illuminate a clearer path forward. For residents of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding areas, access to this type of relief is now a little easier, with the recent opening of Pleasant Psychology

Opened in July of 2023 by Madison Chapman, who has a doctorate in school psychology, Pleasant Psychology focuses on providing mental health resources for children and families. 

“I like helping a team figure out why a child is having a hard time in a certain area, and then figuring out what support systems are most likely to be helpful for them,” says Dr. Chapman.

“I love this community … and I was waiting for a go-to resource for families where if you’re having a hard time as a parent, you know where to go for support. Then I realized I could create that in our community.” 

Staffed with herself and a social worker, Dr. Chapman’s Pleasant Psychology is primed to make an impact in the lives of struggling children and families. 

Pleasant Psychology offers therapy and psychological testing as part of its services. Dr. Chapman has tailored the practice to focus on three main areas of concern for children and families, which are emotional, behavioral, and academic needs. 

“I’m excited to provide some early resources for families, so that when their child is starting to have a difficult time, the family has the support and tools available to prevent that from become a severe concern in that child’s life,” shares Dr. Chapman, noting addressing problems early is key in stopping small issues from developing into life-changing ones. “[We are] preventing the little concerns from becoming a big problem.”

Dr. Chapman acknowledges the importance of collaboration and unity in meeting the mental health needs of a community which leads to holistic and powerful solutions, as opposed to each agency operating on its own.

“We partner with different agencies in the community, we support recreational activities in the community, and collaborate with other professionals so that we’re not in silos, each trying to do our own thing,” she explains. 

“I’m excited to give families answers when they’re struggling and help them be able to see more unity,” Dr. Chapman concludes. “Families are hugely important and drive our community. I can use the skills and expertise I’ve developed to come alongside families and share those tools and strategies with them and help them use them in their own lives.”
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