Creation Coffee expands presence in Mt. Pleasant: A journey from hobby to entrepreneurship

Known for their quality grade, sustainably grown coffee, Creation Coffee has been brewing success across the mid-Michigan region and nationwide for years. With locations in Midland, Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw, and Frankenmuth, Creation Coffee will be opening a new coffee shop in Mt. Pleasant’s Mission St. Campus Commons plaza on March 27.

“The company started out because me and my business partner Ben drank way too much coffee in college,” Creation Coffee co-founder Jacob Spence confesses with a chuckle about the beginnings of Creation Coffee—when Spence and Ben Marsh were both students together at Northwood University. 

“We had what we call the life-changing cup of coffee; we found out that coffee could be a lot better than we realized,” he recalls. “We needed that coffee, and being broke college students, we couldn’t afford it.”

The menu at the new Mt. Pleasant location will be similar to Creation Coffee’s other locations in Mt. Pleasant, Midland, Saginaw, and Frankenmuth. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
Fuelled to find a solution, Spence and Marsh delved into the art of coffee roasting.

“We bought some high-quality green coffee beans and a cheap popcorn popper, and we began experimenting with roasting coffee on our own,” Spence explains. 

After a few years of honing their hobby roasting coffee craft, the duo decided to turn their passion into a business. 

In 2016, Creation Coffee was born, initially focusing on wholesale distribution to over 200 coffee businesses nationwide. However, their journey didn't stop there.

“After helping about 70 coffee shops start up, we decided maybe we should start a coffee shop,” Spence recounts. In 2020, their vision materialized with the opening of their first coffee shop in Midland.

The success of their inaugural coffee shop spurred rapid expansion. Within two years, Creation Coffee added three new locations—a pace that Spence proudly says was “full speed ahead.”

“Mt. Pleasant was our second location. Three weeks later, Saginaw opened,” shares Spence. “So, in 2022, we added Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw, and Frankenmuth.” 

The new Mt. Pleasant Creation Coffee is currently being remodeled, with an opening date aimed for March 27, 2024. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
When asked about the choice of Mt. Pleasant as their second location, Spence emphasizes the natural synergy between Midland and Mt. Pleasant. 

“We already had connections here from being in Midland and doing work within the mid-Michigan community,” he explains. “We like the people over here so we thought we’d better get them some good coffee!”

Creation Coffee’s location at 914 E. Pickard St. in Mt. Pleasant will eventually close down in lieu of the new 1720 Mission St. coffee shop.

“This opportunity opened up for this location and we love the location,” says Spence. “We think it's a great way to serve the community. We love this huge drive thru we have and the fact that we're close to campus to serve the students. And we’re close to so much of the shopping in town. So, when the opportunity opened up, we couldn't turn it up. We thought it was the perfect spot.”

Creation Coffee’s plan is to open their new Mt. Pleasant doors on March 27. 

“We love the people of Mt. Pleasant,” Spence shares. “That’s why we’re hoping to serve them better. We’re really excited to be getting more coffee to more people in Mt. Pleasant.”
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