Creatively! Glass & More offers a prominent source of stained glass art and supplies in mid-Michigan

Weidman resident Jean Holland has always been crafty, but four years ago when she purchased a glass art and supplies store, she had never created glass art herself.

“I had watched my kids do it in 4-H so I knew the basic process, but I had not done stained glass until I decided to buy the store,” says Holland. “When I decided to buy the business in May, it took me until November to get the loan approved. So during that time, I worked with the previous owner. I made a mosaic piece and when I finished, she said, ‘Oh, that's really good. You can buy the store now.’”

Creatively! Glass & More offers over 700 colors and textures of glass, and even offers glass scraps for mosaic artwork. "You can go to the craft store and buy mosaic tiles and they're like at a minimum, $4 a pound," says Holland. "Mosaic is a good way for a child or family to get into stained glass. It doesn't require a lot of tools or expense to get started, just a clear sheet of glass, some pretty colors, and a hammer, which is fun when you're stressed."
Previously known as the Stained Glass Workshop, Creatively! Glass & More is located at 600 South Mission St. in Mt. Pleasant. The store offers an assortment of objects made from stained glass for sale such as suncatchers, lamps, and jewelry, and offers an extensive range of glass art supplies. They also offer custom orders and glass art classes.

“I worked part time while I was raising my kids and I was trying to figure out what to do with my life after they left for college,” says Holland. “I've always enjoyed crafts. I crocheted since I was five years old and I did a lot of sewing when I was younger. It just gives me something to do now that they are out of the house.”

Holland inherited her employee, Sharon Holzhausen, who started at the store in 2000 with the original owners.

Many crosses made from stained glass can be found hanging throughout the store. "I depend on my faith a lot to get through those slow days where I go, 'Am I going to be able to pay the bills this month?'," says Holland.
“She's been invaluable,” says Holland. “I call her an encyclopedia of glass. We have over 700 colors and textures of glass and I can pick one up and she'll say, ‘Oh yeah, that's a so-and-so.’”

Holland says customer service is something that she and Holzhausen pride themselves on and are happy to answer questions for anyone who is interested in glass art. They encourage those with more extensive inquiries to come to an open studio.

Stained glass art sporting Mid Michigan College's logo hangs in the window in Creatively! Glass & More. "I got permission to use their logo and then design that panel for a graduation gift," says Holland. "There was a bit more interest besides just the customer that ordered it, so we have State, Central, Mid Michigan, and U of M panels that we try and keep available."
There’s no prior experience needed to participate in the Beginner 1 class and all of the tools and materials are included in the class fee. Classes are two hours long, once a week for three weeks. Visit for more details and upcoming classes.

Holland is currently looking for volunteers to come clean the studio in exchange for free studio time or discounts on classes or workshops. Those interested in this opportunity can drop in or call the store at (989) 772-4326.

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