Seven must-see Christmas light displays in Mt. Pleasant

It's difficult to imagine a more American tradition than the family Christmas cruise. Hot chocolate in the cup holders, holiday tunes on the radio. This year, we took an early season drive to scope out the best of the light and decor displays in Mt. Pleasant. We've even scouted the best path and made a google map so you can follow in our tire tracks. Now here, without further ado, are seven of our must-see picks for the 2018 holiday season.
The Gurski home on East Maple Street

The Gurski Family Home at 1054 E. Maple Street


Robert and Sarah Gurski usually put up their Christmas decorations Thanksgiving weekend, an endeavor they say takes three full days to complete. The result of their efforts is a display combining inflatables, Christmas lights, animatronics, and projections to stunning effect. Such stunning effect, in fact, it requires special dedicated circuitry. The first year the family decorated the display kept blowing fuses so they paid an electrician to add a few more circuits just for their Christmas lights.

“We just love Christmas," Sarah Gurski said, "The inside of the house kind of looks like the North Pole threw up. We’ve just been adding more and more every year." The additions light up the neighborhood as well as the evenings of their neighbors across the road at McLaren Central Michigan hospital. "People started telling us that in the long care facility they liked our lights," Robert Gurski said. "People stopping by visiting mom in the hospital or long care and they will just pull up a chair by their window and look at our lights all night."
The Shaner home on BruceThe Shaner Family at 1307 Bruce Street


Neighbors have dubbed the Shaner family home, "The Holiday House," because the festive decorations can't be confined to just one time of year. Whether it's Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day or even 4th of July, this family celebrates with decor. During the winter holidays the yard features an eclectic mix of Christmas themed décor.

1811 Pickard

1811 W. Pickard Road


The residents at 1811 West Pickard ensure visitors to Mt. Pleasant are greeted in holiday style this time of year. Multiple inflatables in cheery Christmas themes are displayed alongside lighted window decorations, multi-colored string lights, dancing projection patterns, and more.


The Huffman home on Ward StreetThe Huffman Family Home at 1112 Ward Street


When Dean Huffman was growing up his Dad didn't decorate the family home. "He thought it was a waste of time, even though he liked to drive around and see all the decorations," said Huffman, who has been decorating for the holidays every year since he and his wife purchased the property on Ward Street from his parents. "I’ve always liked Christmas," Huffman said, "We enjoy it and it seems like everybody enjoys seeing it.” This year, the Huffman's display includes familiar characters such as Snoopy and the Grinch alongside the lights. 


Broadway St., Downtown


There may be no better place in town to take in the spirit of the season than on Broadway. Downtown Mt. Pleasant's Christmas tree stands proud across from Mercantile Bank of Michigan, and several downtown businesses take part in the festivities with storefront decorations. Park in one of the easy access parking lots and take a stroll rather than a drive if it's not too cold.

1108 Bennett Street
1108 Bennett Avenue


On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer! The festive display at 1108 Bennett Avenue puts Santa and a few of his hooved holiday helpers at center stage. Inflatables are flanked by multi-color lights. A cozy front-porch completes the holiday hygge.


4570 W. Remus Road


You will not miss the forest for the trees on Remus road. A twinkling forest of trees dressed for the season in blue string lights enchants passersby.

Did we miss your favorite? Have you seen other excellent displays around Isabella county? Join us on Facebook and let us know in the comments there. Your friends and neighbors will appreciate the tips, too!

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