Photo essay: Throughout Mt. Pleasant, activities abound when the sun goes down

Lightning bugs aren’t the only characters that thrive in the low light of a Mt. Pleasant evening. Driving, dressing and dining, dallying around the outdoors, and discovering new drinks are among various activities to consider when “What should I do tonight?” pops up in conversation.

Mt. Pleasant Downtown Development Director Michelle Sponseller shares this advice: “Evenings in Mount Pleasant can be elegant or simple and low-key,” Sponseller says. “With beautiful parks, historic architecture and great food, make the most of your evening by strolling through at a more leisurely pace and find your favorite spot.”

Cue two teens who stopped by town center during golden hour to use one of the three new bike repair stations through to refill the air in their tires before continuing on their way.

A block away, following a repair of his own, Mojo DeWitt, a 3-year-old dog, began his first adventure in over a month with his owner, Abby, 28, of Mt. Pleasant.

“If you notice, he’s shaved on his back right leg,” DeWitt says of her pup. “He’s six weeks post [operation] on knee surgery. This is his first walk since then. We can walk about 25 minutes now.”

With some more traditional options for nightlife still under some health restrictions, there’s never been a better time to explore the natural beauty of Mt. Pleasant and take advantage of the resources and landscapes the area has to offer.