Summerhill Village: Pioneering sustainable living with Clayton eBuilt™ homes in central Michigan

Affordable housing. Sustainability. Placemaking. The “missing middle.” These are all common buzzwords spread throughout recent conversations in the central-Michigan region—where people are seeking change and searching for solutions. 

There’s a community within Union Township in Mt. Pleasant who appears to be tackling them all.

In 2023, they were named the “Best Community” in the east coast, receiving national recognition in their field. They’ve already sold out of Phase One and Phase Two of their energy-efficient homes, with Phase Three underway. And they’re breaking down stigmas associated with manufactured housing by building a sense of community, complete with communal structures and activities—at an affordable price thanks to in-house financing. 

This community is Four Leaf Properties’s Summerhill Village, situated on about 100 acres off of S. Mission Road in Mt. Pleasant. 

Summerhill Village is located at 5280 S. Mission Rd. in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
Manufactured homes in the Summerhill Village community have earned over 125 5-star reviews from starter families to senior residents. In-house financing is available for home buyers, who can anticipate home prices from $70,000 to $110,000—with lots of all sizes. Homes range up to around 1,600 square feet, include an 8’ by 10’ exterior shed, and the community offers discounted contractor referrals for additional home projects such as landscaping assistance for residents.

When Phase Three of the construction is complete, Summerhill Village will account for 305 energy-efficient homes.

Current construction of Summerhill Village’s Phase Three in Mt. Pleasant. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
In addition to their current energy-efficient homes, Summerhill Village is now offering eBuilt™ Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) built by Clayton, which can save resident occupants up to 50% on their energy bills. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, while there are fewer than 12,000 homes in the United States that are certified ZERH, they are gaining fast traction with massive benefits for residents and the environment.

“Energy efficiency is more important than ever,” explains Summerhill Village sales associate, Kelly Mursch, noting area home buyers’ wishes for sustainable houses. 

“People will come in and see the inside of these homes and say, ‘I never would have thought the homes are like this,’” she shares of the move-in ready homes’ modern appearance. “People were already choosing our homes because they’re energy efficient. So eBuilt™, partnering with Clayton, we thought: this is a super win.” 

This eBuilt home model is about 1,000 SQ FT and is listed for sale at $73,168. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
Summerhill Village is launching their final phase of their 305 homesite community, where 100% of homes will be energy efficient and 90% will be eBuilt. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
eBuilt homes will represent approximately 30% of the Summerhill Village community once all phases are sold out. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
Energy efficiency is created in Clayton eBuilt™ homes with: a Rheem® hybrid water heater, which uses less energy than a 100-watt light bulb; low-e windows with argon gas, which reduce energy loss by 30-50%; LED lighting throughout, which use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs; SmartComfort® by Carrier high efficiency heat pump or gas furnace; Frigidaire® ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher and refrigerator; an ecobee® smart thermostat; insulated exterior doors; a tight thermal envelope with additional insulation; and a whole home exhaust system.

An ecobee® smart thermostat in a Clayton eBuilt™ home at Summerhill Village. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
However, the benefits of living in Clayton eBuilt™ homes extend beyond energy savings. ZERH are also healthy and comfortable places to live due to their features which address indoor air quality and temperature/humidity control.

“Innovation in off-site home-building is transforming the housing industry. Clayton’s eBuilt™ Zero Energy Ready Manufactured homes, now sold in our communities, are proof that manufactured homes are the most modern, advanced product in the housing market today,” says Michael Callaghan, managing partner at Four Leaf Properties. 

“Our residents are nurses, factory workers, teachers—all trying to make ends meet in a crushing housing market. Factory-built housing is inherently more affordable because it’s massively more efficient to build,” he continues. “Now, with eBuilt™, homes are inherently more affordable to live in as well. Less expensive, healthier, more sustainable homebuilding is here, and we are super excited to share that with residents in our communities.”

A basketball court, baseball diamond, and playground are some amenities offered in Summerhill’s resident park, centrally located on the 100-acre property. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
“Our goal at Summerhill Village has been to provide a transformational housing option and community experience for the ‘missing middle’ in Mt. Pleasant,” shares Lisa Lane, managing partner, at Four Leaf Properties. “We offer the most advanced housing product available today at attainable prices. And, we do it in our national award winning community.”

This 4 bedroom, 2 bath model coming soon to Summerhill Village will be listed for about $103,000 with views of the Clubhouse and community park. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
This 4 bedroom, 2 bath model coming soon to Summerhill Village will be listed for about $103,000 with views of the Clubhouse and community park. Photo Credit: Courtney Jerome / Epicenter Mt. Pleasant
Other perks at Summerhill Village in Mt. Pleasant includes a new Clubhouse for residents to utilize for special events, a playground, dog park, community outdoor patio with a firepit and hanging outdoor lights, a basketball court, and baseball field. 

Mursch says that residents in the community are also expressing interest in hosting flag football for kids, having a community garden on site, and organizing walking groups now that the weather is getting warmer—proof that placemaking is happening between neighbors in this Mt. Pleasant residential community.

“It makes me prideful, knowing in Mt. Pleasant, there's an affordable brand-new option for people—five minutes from town, yet surrounded by nature,” shares Mursch. “So you feel kind of like you're in the country, but you're not too far from the activity. And yet close to Central, too, but not being in the college apartment life.” 

“If somebody comes here [to tour Summerhill Village], and they're like, ‘Kelly, I knew this place a long time ago, and they were old, it was a mobile home community.’ And when they get in the house and the people are like, ‘Wow, wow!’” Mursch continues. “They're modern. They're beautiful. And then to find out all the perks and the affordability, it's really getting people in here. When you add that energy efficiency to it, it's helping us to remove that stigma.”

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