I-Ride launches new digital technology for ride-scheduling: I-Ride My Way

What’s happening: For over 49 years, I-Ride has served Isabella County as a transportation agency with a fleet of 41 buses, offering shared rides with curb-to-curb service. Starting May 1, I-Ride riders will have access to a new app that will make it easier to access I-Ride services, track trips, skip having to make a phone call to schedule service via the call center, and be able to manage their account balance. The app is called “I-Ride My Way.”

What they’re saying: Executive director for I-Ride, Rick Collins, says, “With the deployment of the I-Ride My Way mobile app, powered by Ecolane Evolution software, we have enabled passengers to manage their own transportation from the convenience of their smartphone.” 

“The app will also allow caretakers and parents to check if their children have been dropped off, or if they are still enroute,” he continues. “Our ambition is to empower every passenger with the new I-Ride My Way mobile app so that they can utilize our service more conveniently and reliably.”

How it works: I-Ride passengers can access the On-Demand Rider App on the app store starting immediately, prior to the May 1 service launch. To register for an account, riders must call dispatch and provide their email address.

Requesting trips through the app means riders can submit their trip information at any time – not only when the dispatch call center is open. The app also allows riders to manage their account balance, eliminating the need to purchase punch cards or carry cash fare.

Riders will be able to see the GPS location of their bus, with hopes they’ll be less likely to miss their ride. Trip reminder notifications will also provide a friendly nudge for people to cancel their ride if no longer needed.

Why it’s important: “Having the mobile app will open up a whole new form of communication with the public which will assist us in serving the community,” says David Newman, lead transportation coordinator for I-Ride. “I am eager to embrace the technology provided by our new mobile app to better serve our riders.” 

I-Ride shares that computer-aided systems such as this app allow transit systems to offer more service hours for the same cost because it maximizes bus capacities.

For more information or to reserve a seat on the bus, visit http://www.ictcbus.com or call the Ride Line at 989-772-9441.
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