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Pilot program will provide transportation to Momentum Centers

Feature Story Beech Holme is one of the most photographed homes of Higland Park

The hometown heroes who made Highland Park possible

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Feature Story This photo is of me when I received the very first gift that I remember so well as a foster child! This gift represents love! And your gifts will represent love as well, thank you to all of you who have hearts full of love to give!

Shore Story: Foster kids need your support

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Lakeshore Advantage reports major economic growth in 2023

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Lakeshore Advantage brings new expertise to board

Feature Story Penny Shuff works for Mediation Services, which allows her to show her true colors as a good listener and a peacemaker.

Shore Story: A resource for peaceful resolutions

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3 efforts to improve mental health access for young people

Feature Story HSO President and CEO Kay Walvoord

HSO founder, CEO to retire this summer after 33 years

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