About Mid Michigan Second Wave

Mid Michigan's Second Wave is a weekly online magazine showcasing growth, innovation, entrepreneurship, new business development, and investment throughout Mid Michigan. Our mission is to highlight the talent, diversity, innovation, and people who are working to move this region forward. As we ride the Second Wave, we are looking for what's new, what's next, and what's exciting in our downtowns, neighborhoods, and business communities.

Managing Editor: Sam Eggleston
Sam Eggleston has been a freelance writer and editor for the past seven years. Prior to his foray into the freelance world in 2008, Eggleston was a full-time journalist for nearly 10 years, working for Ogden Newspapers, Morris Communications and Gannett. He has nearly three dozen local, state and national writing awards ranging from sports to columns to features to news coverage. Eggleston is a native to Michigan and currently resides there with his wife, Kim, and his daughter, Shaylyn.

Executive Editor: Walter Wasacz, Issue Media Group

Publishers and co-founders of IMG: Paul Schutt and Brian Boyle, Issue Media Group

Web Site and E-Newsletter Technology: Matt Lehman and Mark Walz, Fluent Consulting

Mid-Michigan's Second Wave: Published by Issue Media Group

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Issue Media Group Underwriting Policy:

Issue Media Group (IMG) offers its underwriters the opportunity to directly align their brands with content about talent, innovation, diversity, and place. In addition, IMG provides corporations, governments, institutions, nonprofits, and foundations with similarly focused missions a way to use their media budgets to support and expand coverage of job growth, economic development, real estate, non-profit innovation, city building, and placemaking.

Underwriting is the basis of our model as a publication. Underwriters are considered crucial to our organization and their support is the reason that IMG is able to produce content within a broad spectrum of topics. Support from underwriters allows IMG to dedicate editorial resources to cover key issue areas that are of importance to both the underwriter and IMG's mission.

We work with like-minded stakeholders who have shared values and missions. Because of our intersecting interests, we may cover our underwriters' work journalistically. However, IMG observes strict boundaries regarding the direction, review, and approval of content that is published.

IMG encourages underwriters to pitch ideas through Editorial Advisories and to our editorial teams. We value the knowledge our partners bring to our work, and we encourage underwriters to send story ideas, trends in underwriters' areas of expertise, and press releases. However, published content is at the discretion of the editorial teams and all final decisions regarding content are made without client approval. 

While underwriters are not allowed to review or approve content, IMG works with them to establish focus areas that will be included in coverage. If an underwriter desires the ability to direct or edit content, the content will be considered "Partner Content," and given a treatment that distinguishes it from editorial content. The underwriter's logo will be embedded in the story and a transparency statement will be included.

IMG works with underwriters to fully understand the issues they care about. However, IMG trusts its editorial teams to shape stories around issues in a way that will resonate with readers.

IMG honors truthfulness and strives to avoid conflicts of interest in our reporting. This includes real conflicts and acts that may appear to be a conflict. To this end, we opt to disclose any relationships with underwriters that could be perceived as complicating our journalistic mission.

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