Delta College gets $10,000 BACF grant

Delta College has been working on improving its on-campus storm water systems for the past two years, but it's not always apparent to visitors--or even students for that matter--exactly what those improvements have entailed.

A new Bay Area Community Foundation grant will remedy that problem, giving the college $10,000 to install interpretive signage to explain the sustainable storm water system, hopefully increasing the educational value of the environmentally-friendly design.

The project was granted the money by the foundation's environmental endowment fund, and aims to educate the campus community as well as the community at large on the functions of the system.

"Thanks to this grant, this area of the campus will be a living laboratory for environmental and science students, allowing the exploration of our diverse natural landscape and campus ecosystems," says Linda Peete, the college's sustainability and risk management coordinator.

The storm water system channels storm runoff water through a series of areas that mimic natural ecosystems, filtering the runoff from campus parking lots through ponds, a wet meadow and then to drainage ditches. Along the way, water-based habitats for native wildlife are created, and the water reaches its end destination cleaner.

The signage paid for by the grant will explain the land stewardship principles behind the system, including responsible runoff practices, using recycled or reused materials, and the effect of local actions on the local environment. It is planned to be installed this summer.

Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Linda Peete, Delta College
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