Bay Region roads to get several updates

The Great Lakes Bay region's roads are getting more than $12 million in state funding for 13 road and bridge repair projects that will take place in 2014.
The Michigan Department of Transportation announced the funding, which comes from the Roads and Risks Reserve Fund, a newly-created fund of up to $230 million from the state's general fund being made available to fix Michigan roads. 
This round of project announcements uses up half that money, with the other half to be appropriated on Feb. 1, if it hasn't been used for other purposes.
In Genesee County, the projects are: $673,800 to improve the Duffield Road bridge over Mistequay Creek; $650,000 to rehabilitate a bridge on Bristol Road; slightly more than $1 million to reconstruct McClasin Lake Road in Argentine Township; $702,000 to improve M-13 north of I-69 to M-21; and $500,000 to improve Holcomb Road from Davisburg to Miller.
Gratiot County is home to one project, the resurfacing of Lumberjack Road from Williams to M-46, which will cost $170,000. Lapeer County will get just more than 41 million for bridge repairs and rehabilitation on I-69, on bridges over Newark and Winslow roads. Isabella County will get $647,000 to improve Coleman Road from the west county line to Woodruff.
In Saginaw County, two projects are on highways. M-83 will get $2 million to mill and resurface the highway from Genesee Street to M-15, a total of 6.9 miles. M-47 will get $500,000 for milling and resurfacing from Church Street to Freeland Road, which complements a local roads project on Freeland Road.
In Arenac County, U.S.-23 gets a little more than $2 million for resurfacing from Standish to Omer. Midland County will get $2 million for resurfacing U.S. 10 from Saginaw Road to Jerome Street, and Bay County will get $793,000 for bridge repairs on U.S. 10, over the Huron and Eastern Railroad, and over Patrick Road.
"By creating the Roads and Risks Reserve Fund, the legislature acknowledged the vital need for investing in Michigan's transportation system," says state transportation director Kirk Steudle. "MDOT appreciates this additional funding, and we will continue working with lawmakers and Governor Snyder to identify a long-term solution to maintain infrastructure to support Michigan's economic comeback."
Writer: Sam Eggleston
Source: Michigan Department of Transportation
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