Birding Festival leads Whiting Forest into the fall season

Family visits to cider mills. Nature hikes as the trees change colors. Autumn is a special time in Michigan, and especially for those that enjoy the outdoors.

One special event this season is perched right on the edge of fall, right before the official change of the season.

Beginning this Thursday, Sept. 19 and continuing through the weekend is the Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens Birding Festival. The three day festival offers a host of programming that appeals to expert and amateur birders alike.

"There are many local birders who know what a hot spot the Great Lakes Bay Region is for birding, and the opportunity to share with other enthusiasts is really exciting," says Carolynn Paten, Assistant Director of Guest Operations.

"Part of the Dow Gardens mission is to ‘share (the) educational and leisure opportunities’ and this festival does just that; allows participants to be in nature while learning from the experts in the field of ornithology."

More than 30 sessions will be held over the course of the festival, allowing attendees the opportunity to learn birding techniques from a host of experts including world renowned birder David Allen Sibley, author of The New York Times bestseller The Sibley Guide to Birds.

The festival is just one of what will be many more events to come throughout the fall season, including nature photography workshops, nature writing workshops, and the annual Fall Walk.

"It seems that fall is a time when people are looking for festive activities to attend. Events like Fall Walk are events that make sense at the Garden," Paten says.

"Fall Walk is a cozy evening filled with music, cider (sometimes hard), doughnuts, and a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful seasonal color."

For more event information, visit Whiting Forest of Dow Gardens online.

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