Healthy Communities

Feature Story Mid-Michigan is home to beautiful hiking trails, fit for rugged hikers or young families. (Photo: Midland City Forest)

These trails were made for walking: Our top 10 hiking trails in mid-Michigan

Feature Story Hemp is a versatile plant that can be crafted into many unique products. The flower can be smoked or made into oils. Other parts of the plant can be used to create textiles, plastics, and more.
Feature Story WMFC anticipates coordinating 15-20 food distributions out of the WMFC delivery site.

Catalyst Community: West Midland Family Center

Feature Story There's light at the end of the winter tunnel but there's still much to do outdoors until spring.

Winter recreation, a month of cool fun until spring

Feature Story Charlie Schwedler has served as the executive director of Midland County Senior Services since 2017.
Feature Story The ‘Creative 360 Angels,’ from left to right: Colleen Reed, program director and curator; Laura Vosejpka, executive director; and Laura Brigham, office manager.
Feature Story The Midland Public Schools have approximately 7,600 students and 450 teachers.
Feature Story All 501(c)(3) nonprofits are welcome to apply to the #TeamUp for the Great Lakes Bay Region charitable program.
Feature Story Even during workouts, masks must be worn. Fitness specialist staff are present throughout the facility to keep members encouraged and following guidelines.
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