Boomerang Coffee Lounge wants to shift coffee culture

Husband and wife co-owners Brett and Maegan Nowak have always had a passion for people, coffee, and their community. On Monday, Sept. 27, they opened Boomerang Coffee Lounge, which celebrates all three of those things. 

Husband and wife co-owners, Brett and Maegan Nowak.When the pair was dating, they both worked at another local coffee shop and fell in love with it. Later, they started their first business — Pioneers Coffee Catering, a mobile beverage cart for business events and weddings. In January 2021, they bought a coffee shop in Bay City, but when the City Market closed down in April 2021, so did their coffee shop. 

“We had three months to kind of plan and brainstorm,” says Brett. The name Boomerang is symbolic of us bouncing back into the coffee industry.”

They spent two months beautifying the space at 128 Ashman Circle, which was formerly a microblading studio, a yoga studio, and a coffee shop. Their efforts included commissioning a mural — an earthy color palette of coppers, browns, greens, and oranges that evoke a warm, inviting atmosphere. 

To beautify the space, they commissioned a mural.“Our goal is to make people feel welcomed and accepted and that they can stay as long as they want,” says Brett.

Boomerang Coffee Lounge also has a mission to help brighten customer’s days. 

“Our slogan is ‘bounce back better,’” says Brett. “We chose that because we believe you can bounce back from good things and even bad things. We want to be a constant in everybody’s lives; if people are having a bad day, we can help them bounce back from hardship and have a good day.”

The menu includes flavored lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, hot chocolate, bubble tea, and a full brunch menu.The business features a full menu of flavored lattes, cappuccinos, Americanos, hot chocolate, bubble tea, and a full brunch menu. For food, they offer avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, overnight oats and muffins made in-house. 

“We also partner with a cookie vendor, Salted Modern Cookies,” says Brett. “We licensed a cookie recipe from her so we make those in-house as well.” 

Opening up a business in a pandemic was not easy, according to Brett. 

“It really depends on your heart and how dedicated you are to making a difference — not only in the community but in your industry. Opening this coffee shop, we wanted to be able to make people feel welcomed and to make a new name for the industry. We feel like the coffee shop industry can be a bit cliquey. We want to redefine the coffee industry a bit.”

Boomerang Coffee Lounge is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m.-8 p.m., and Saturday from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. They’re closed on Sundays. They offer dine-in and to-go orders at the shop, but they hope to add online ordering and curbside pickup within the next few weeks.

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