Cozy Cats Cafe opens March 18

If you’re looking for a new feline friend, check out the Cozy Cats Cafe, where you can enjoy a beverage and find a fun, fuzzy friend to adopt all in the same location. But, that’s not all. The Cozy Cats Cafe, opening March 18 at 330 East Saginaw Road in Sanford will serve as a community center of sorts.
The dining area of the Cozy Cats Cafe.
While it will be a great place to hang out and visit with kitties, the cafe will also house additional retail businesses and non-profit organizations including Loving Touch, Fett’s 2.0, and Smart Paws. Several local artists will also be displaying their wares in the cafe including Sundry Artisan Guild and Pam’s Corner of Crafts. 

Crystal Burditt, owner of the cafe says “a lot of people ask, cats and coffee, how’s that going to work? The building is actually a duplex. On one side, you can visit the cattery, where you’ll meet new feline friends. The other side is the cafe. It’s a completely separate ventilation and heating system,” Burditt claims. 

Inside the cafe, you will be able to get healthier food options, like salads and bubble teas, once the health department permits come through. Until then, guests can order off of the menu from Timbers 2.0, a local food truck. 

    The cattery side of the Cozy Cats Cafe.
When visiting the location, customers can expect to see about 25 cats that will be living at the cafe on the cattery side of the building. Most of the cats will be available for adoption.Currently up for adoption are Arabella, Apollo, Artemis, Alaska, Tulsa, Gemi, Cozy, Mickey, Mickey Jr. Magdalena, Rain and more! These feline friends all join Espresso, owned by Crystal and rescued from Ukraine. Although Espresso is not up for adoption, he still likes to visit and snuggle with guests. Cost for visiting the cattery is $10 for 30 minutes or $15 for 60 minutes. The hour-long session includes a free beverage from the cafe. The funds raised will go to help take care of the cats in the cafe. 

When guests find a cat that they’d like to take home, they will work with Smart Paws. “Smart Paws is Sanford’s local rescue,” Burditt stated. The funds raised from the for-profit side of the building will help to fund the non-profit side. 

Throughout the year, the community will have the opportunity to participate in events at the cafe as well. Paul King, owner of Fett’s 2.0, will serve as the event planner. You can expect to see many different events including Easter egg hunts, Trunk or Treats, a mini renaissance festival and more. 

Burditt is excited for the cafe to open. She says “everyone that comes through my door is not a customer, it’s a guest. A guest and a new friend.” 

To learn more about Cozy Cat Cafe, follow their Facebook page

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