The 60th Northwood University International Auto Show invites you to CONNECT

In its six decade legacy, the Northwood University International Auto Show (NUIAS) has consistently emerged as a connection between auto-enthusiasts, students, and industry veterans. This year, as the grand event marks its 60th anniversary, the invitation to 'Connect' resounds louder than ever at the Midland campus of Northwood University. Under the apt theme of 'Connect', coined by Student General Chair of the auto show, Cole Briggs, the show opens up an arena not just to marvel at the wonders of modern automobility but to build networks that go beyond mere transactional exchanges. This year’s show takes place this week, Friday-Sunday, October 6-8.
Cole Briggs is the General Chair of the Northwood University International Auto Show.
"The automotive industry is not just about manufacturing, the buying and selling of vehicles. It's about the connections you make, the network you build up and expand. And here at the Northwood University International Auto Show, that's what it's all about," remarks Briggs, summarizing the essence of this year’s show. His vision, driven by collaborative team efforts, has steered this event to a new horizon, where participants and attendees alike can imagine the automotive industry beyond its conventional dimensions. 

Acknowledging the diligence and expertise of his team, Briggs credits the hard-fought yet gratifying journey to the show’s preparation to his team, stating, "Our collaborative team efforts and hard work have made this all possible, we have an amazing team with a wide variety of skills and experiences.” The camaraderie and team spirit are equally praised by NUIAS Advisor Elgie Bright, who declares, “This is a team full of rockstars – and I am so glad that Northwood is able to provide the opportunity for the hands-on learning experience.”

The mantle of responsibility rested on the shoulders of the General Chair is substantial, overseeing the whole show alongside an executive board. This all-student run exhibition, fueled by volunteerism, stands as a testament to the practical learning ethos Northwood University fosters. For Briggs, whose affection for the show transpired through his tenure as Logistics Chair over the past two years, ascending to the role of General Chair was driven by his unwavering passion.

The theme of this year's Northwood Auto Show is CONNECT.
Each year, the ritual of passing the torch involves a meticulous interview process conducted by the outgoing General Chair and advisor, ensuring the legacy of excellence is upheld. Noteworthy is the gracious scholarship awarded by Cox Automotive to the chair, enabling Briggs to pursue his master's during this tenure.

Briggs credits his leadership skills to his time on the NUIAS board. He says, “it is a lot of responsibility and pressure to put on the big show. Taking care of VIP guests, expensive cars, donors, and panelists, it forces you to grow up and be a leader. It's a fast track way to learn to lead, and how not to lead. I've become a leader among the students to make this show a success.”

This year, the Northwood University International Auto Show has elevated its showcase to include not only the sparkling new cars but also a private collection of cars by Northwood University alumnus Alan Jay Wildstein. The collection includes a McLaren Elva, McLaren Senna, Porsche 918 Spyder, and a Hennessey Venom F5a. 

The show, a free-to-attend event, embodies an open invitation to all. Special segments like 'Cars  &  Coffee' on Sunday enthrall classic car aficionados while the general public can seamlessly meander through the exhibits, with convenient parking available across from Fricks, on North Saginaw Road, in the Northwood University Administrative Annex Center parking lot. Buses will be shuttling back and forth to the show during show hours.
Schedule of Events:
Friday, October 6th

11:30am - 12:00pm | Opening Ceremony
12:00pm - 6:00pm | Day Show
6:00pm - 8:00pm | Night Show

Saturday, October 7th 

9:00am - 6:00pm | Day Show

Sunday, October 8th 

10:00am - 2:00pm | Cars & Coffee
10:00am - 2:00pm | Day Show


The NUIAS isn't merely a display of automotive expertise, but an avenue where academia, industry, and love for automobiles converge, forging connections that extend beyond the campus, driving innovation and learning in unison.

The 60th Northwood University International Auto Show beckons all to come, connect, and be a part of a legacy that accelerates towards a promising and interconnected future.

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