Did you know? Calling 211 offers free, easy access to information 24x7

Incredibly helpful in times of need, there is a free resource available to provide Midland residents and surrounding counties with referrals and important information. The 211 service assists the community with essential basic needs with health and human services.

The 211 service is an easy-to-remember telephone number that connects users to important information and help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Users are even able to search the free service’s database for available local resources.

“My favorite thing about 211 is that anyone can call us at any time, regardless of their issue or income level, we are here to help everyone and as a listening ear for the community,” said Sarah Kile, executive director of the 211 Northeast Michigan sector. “If we cannot find a specific program to fit someone’s need, we are still here to listen and help find other agencies or programs people may not have thought about.”

Requests that the 211 service offers are varied in nature, but include healthcare referrals, federated giving programs, legal aid, food pantries, community shelter information and several types of counseling services.

There are several ways to connect with 211, including calling, live chat on their website, the 211 app and two-way-texting. 211 also has live Spanish available during regular business hours.

More information is available on the 211 website at www.211nemichigan.org.
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