Delta College nursing students can now join the workforce after switch to online courses

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a looming crisis for the state’s healthcare providers. Concerns abound, from medical equipment shortages to a potentially overwhelmed workforce.

As the general public practices social distancing to curb the spread of the virus, solutions for the aforementioned concerns are coming from both everyday citizens, like a business owner who shuts his company to manufacture medical equipment, to state government.

The latter was most recently represented by the announcement of regulatory changes being made to graduation requirements for nurses. Following a March 30 executive order signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, nursing majors can now graduate upon the completion of their online studies.

This is good news for both the state and students in the Delta College nursing program, where campus labs and other buildings were closed on March 18.

The school is well-prepared.

"Because of the high level of computerized simulations and scenario-based learning, which are already part of the curriculum, Delta’s nursing program’s ability to convert to 100% online instruction is outpacing that of other educational institutions statewide," says Daisy McQuiston, associate professor and interim nursing coordinator.

The changes, though temporary, mean that approximately 70 students enrolled in Delta’s nursing program will soon be able to join the workforce.

Delta is bolstering its curriculum with case studies, concept maps, virtual simulations, and more to further prepare the students for the workforce.

"This is a productive decision for the students and the community," says Dr. Jean Goodnow, president of Delta College.

"Our soon-to-be graduates will join the workforce at a time of great need in our region, and I am incredibly grateful for the dedicated, caring and exceptional faculty members at Delta who are going above and beyond to ensure that their students are well prepared and confident."

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