Q&A with Jenny Saxman from Swae Detox Wellness Spa

Jenny Saxman is the owner of Swae Detox Wellness Spa, Downtown Midland’s newest go-to for relaxation and self-care. Saxman hails from Standish, Michigan originally and was introduced to the world of holistic healing while in San Francisco, eventually opening her own business in California. She joined us recently to discuss her newest venture and how slowing down and being kind to ourselves can help heal the mind and body.

Q: What can you tell us about Swae, your new salon and spa?

A: I'm a bit new to Midland and I was working in wellness and found the space on Main Street. After some renovations, I opened Swae Detox Wellness Spa. We focus on marrying the medical side of skin care with the wellness aspect. We work from the inside to the outside to train the body as a whole. We offer services like massage, facials, non-toxic manicures and pedicures, eyelash extensions, hydro facials, microdermabrasion, infrared sauna, reiki, workshops and so much more.

Q: This is an exciting new venture, with a beautiful space. We would love to hear about you personally. What drove you to become part of the holistic healing world?

A: Well, I moved back to Michigan eight or nine years ago. I decided to move back to my home state after a divorce and some life changes because it just felt right. I grew up in Standish, and started traveling early, exploring everything from New York City to Austin, Texas in my early 20s. That led me into esthetics. I always wanted to help people with their acne and skin care because that was a problem for me when I was young.

I worked for doctors for many years while living in San Francisco. There's a very healthy vibe out there with reiki, energy work and an emphasis on a plant-based lifestyle. That's when I became passionate about developing a holistic practice. When I moved back to Michigan, I worked for a doctor in Saginaw, but ultimately knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and business owner.

Jenny Saxman, owner of Swae Detox Wellness Spa in Downtown Midland.

Q: In what ways do you practice your own self-care, when you are in the business of helping others care for themselves?

A: It’s important for me to practice yoga and I also try to meditate as much as I can in the mornings before the day gets going. Being by myself is really key for me. We are nurturers by nature, and so when you spend time alone you are forced to take care of yourself. For ongoing maintenance, I take b-12 shots weekly, and I make it a point to go on retreat to Costa Rica every year to recharge and take care of myself.

Q: Can you talk about an important lesson you have learned in your time operating this business?

A: We have been in this space since August, and I feel like one of the things I have really learned to focus on is organization when starting something new like this. I'm not a naturally organized person, but it's something I'm learning to do and am getting better at.

Q: Organization can be a tough skill to learn! How do you like to spend your free time?

A: I really enjoy spending my time with others that are open to growth, new experiences, adventure and more, and also exploring the different the places we love. I also find it important to take new classes and learning experiences at places like Ways to Wellness, also in Downtown Midland. We really think they are great!

Swae's newly renovated space in Downtown Midland.

Q: What would be your vision for the ultimate version of Downtown Midland?

A: My vision for the ultimate downtown would be to have a little bit of San Francisco here. I want some of the big city feel in a small town, and to also keep it quaint. I want to help create an energy and specific vibe of community and growth, like a downtown community with local restaurants and more entrepreneurial opportunities.

Q: What is your best piece of advice for individuals looking for more relaxation in their lives?

A: I highly recommend meditation! It's such a great way to create focus and relax, which is huge. Of course, enjoying being cared for at your local salon is also a great option!


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